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The AMA Team is a diverse group of Master Mariners, Marine Engineers and Naval Architects, with decades of collective experience and expertise. Our affiliated offices allow us to assist our Clients anywhere in the world. We can therefore offer our Clients, first-class, holistic services on a global scale.

Our Key People

Capt. John Tirel

Capt. John Tirel

Principal Surveyor of A.M.A London

Mobile: +44 7747 215 700

Master Mariner
Seagoing career to command position
Global VP for Crawford’s Marine & Transport operation, COO Braemar Falconer (USA)
Principal surveyor Maritime Survey Solutions
Member the Society of Consulting Marine Engineers and Ship Surveyors
Nicholas D. Tassios

Nicholas D. Tassios

Director of AMA Hellas Inc. and Principal Surveyor

Mobile: +30 6932 426696

Naval Architect & Marine Engineer (BSc, MSc)
Ship's Repairing Career
Senior Surveyor/Technical Consultant career over 25 years
Principal Surveyor / President of Nexus Maritime S.A.
Our understanding of what the market demands has been gained by working closely with and, more importantly, listening to our clients to better understand their concerns.