Who we are

Commanding rich resources of knowledge and skill, Atlantic Marine Associates, Inc. (AMA) is a leading provider of marine surveying, consulting and expert witness services.
Enjoying a truly global reach, AMA is able to serve clients in any and every part of the world.

Why Us?

We’re continually working to meet our customers’ expectations and engage with our products.

Highly Professional Staff

AMA seeks to deliver exceptional value to clients through the intimate understanding of their needs by a highly professional staff which includes master mariners, marine engineers and naval architects.


Innovative Technology Solutions

AMA uses the best available survey equipment to guarantee highly accurate and detailed reporting.


The AMA Team always follows all relevant safety protocols, so as to safeguard our staff and avoid any damage to the vessel or the environment.

Our History
by numbers

AMA was established in 2012 to provide high‐quality service with selected staff surveyors. Our understanding of what the market demands has been gained by working closely with and, more importantly, listening to our clients to better understand their concerns.

  • 3250 Projects Completed
  • 127 Countries
  • More than 230 Surveyors Used Worldwide
Surveyors Used Worldwide
Projects Completed
AMA seeks to stand in the shoes of its clients, single‐mindedly committed to protecting their interests with expertise and energy.